Jeff Neill (1981-Present)

Replacing an ailing John Hannah in early 1981, Jeff Neill’s impact on the band was immediate with the recording and release of Streetheart’s self titled ‘Streetheart’ album. That album would go on to be the most successful album in the band’s catalogue. Many of the songs that Jeff co-wrote for that album remain as staples of classic rock radio across the country.

After the breakup of Streetheart in early 1984, Jeff worked as a session guitarist in Vancouver until the spring of 1986 when he was recruited by Bruce Allen to join up with legendary Australian rocker Jimmy Barnes. For the next decade Jeff wrote, recorded and toured worldwide with Jimmy selling over 3 million records during that time, earning  gold, platinum and multi platinum albums in a number of countries internationally.

Jeff also played a significant number of shows throughout North America as guest guitarist with Loverboy between 1995 and 2000.

In late 2003, Jeff  was invited to return to Streetheart and he has been back with the band since that time.

Along with playing guitar for the band, Jeff also represents the business affairs of Streetheart and he has continued to grow the band’s brand to this day. Together with Universal Music Canada, Jeff has successfully brought Streetheart back into the R&R mainstream and to their loyal fans after a two year hiatus that marked and honoured the passing of Kenny Shields.

Photo courtesy of Lisa Guliak.