Paul Dean (1977-1979)

One of the founding members of Streetheart, Paul Dean was the lead guitarist and one of the principle songwriters for the band in the early days.

His determination to do things his way would ultimately take him out of Streetheart after the release of the band’s critically acclaimed debut album, “Meanwhile Back In Paris”, but he soon returned to the musical forefront with his new band Loverboy in 1980.

Loverboy’s rise to the top of the charts across North America was due largely to Paul’s well crafted songwriting, musical leadership and, an understanding of what needed to be done in order to get to the top.

Paul continues to tour with Loverboy  along with Streetheart founding members Matt Frenette and Ken ‘Spider’ Sinnaeve, playing to all the loyal Loverboy fans throughout the year across North America.