Kenny Shields & Streetheart Say Farewell in 2017

After almost 2 decades of keeping the Streetheart legacy alive and up close for all their great fans across Canada, Kenny Shields and Streetheart with be playing their final year of shows together in 2017. KS&S will be celebrating Streetheart’s 40 years of rock and roll and good times, playing shows across the country to reach out and say thank you to as many of their loyal fans as they can. It has been an incredible journey and the legacy of Streetheart will remain an important part of  Canadian rock and roll history.

You can find all the dates where KS&S will be appearing throughout the year on the GIGS page and it will be updated as new shows are added. KS&S will also be doing meet and greets whenever possible to say thank you to everyone in person. To commemorate 40 years of rock and roll, KS&S will present an exclusive line of collectables including a matched pair of limited edition vinyl records that feature 18 of their greatest hits and most popular tracks. All remastered and beautifully packaged, these limited edition records are a must have for any collector. These albums will be available for preorder from our online STORE. We expect to see shipment of Vol. I at the beginning of May with Vol. II to follow shortly after that. All pre orders will be sent out as soon as we receive shipment of the product.  All other merchandise is available now via PayPal at our online STORE.

It has truly been pleasure to have had the privilege to play for you all for so many years. Thank you for the memories of a lifetime. Thank you for being there beside us, right up to the finish line. See you all soon! ~ KS&S