Streetheart 2018.
‘Tis the Season…
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We’ve just updated our upcoming 2019 schedule and we will be adding new dates as they become finalized. Thank you everyone for all the positive response  and requests to come and play in your part of Canada. We will be doing our very best accomodate as many of your requests as we can in 2019! Just click on Gigs in the main menu to see all confirmed shows. We look forward to seeing you all next year!

Streetheart 2019.
Life. Legacy. Music.
We are pleased to announce that Winnipeg’s Paul McNair will be joining Streetheart as lead vocalist in 2019.
Finding a singer was a very daunting task for us as you simply don’t “replace” a voice as iconic as Kenny’s.
Paul as many of you would remember, sang with Streetheart at the Winnipeg Classic RockFest back in 2017 and he impressed us with his knowledge, his confidence and his respect for the difficult role that he was charged with taking on that night.
Paul stepped up big time, so much so that Streetheart founding members Paul Dean and Matthew Frenette, who flew in with Mike Reno to pay tribute to Kenny that night, gave their full endorsement to Paul after he performed a powerful version of Action with them.
Paul’s knowledge of our catalogue, our history and his sheer ability made him the unanimous choice.
Paul grew up a Winnipeg MB kid, he’s a dynamic part of the local music scene and as many of you across Canada know, Paul was also the bassist and backing vocalist with Winnipeg’s Harlequin The Band.
We believe that with Paul singing for Streetheart we will be able to create a new chapter in the story of this band, one that we hope to share with our fans for many years.
We hope that you will welcome Paul McNair and show him all the respect that he has shown to the band as we celebrate the Life, Legacy and Music of Streetheart next year.
See you all soon,
Daryl, Spider & Jeff

Streetheart 2019.
Life. Legacy. Music.
Today we are officially announcing that Streetheart’s Daryl Gutheil, Ken “Spider” Sinnaeve and Jeff Neill will be playing a select number of shows in 2019 to celebrate the legacy of Streetheart and honour the memory of the late, great Kenny Shields.
In the coming weeks we will also be announcing who will be joining the band for these shows.
As you all know, we lost Kenny back in July of 2017.
The last two summers have presented us all with a unique set of challenges.
We have had to process not only the deep personal loss of a dear friend but also, the opportunity to play our music.
Music that defined each of our lives and our paths.
And as we have learned over the past year, music that has also had a deep impact on the lives of many of you as well.
Over the last 15 months we have received so much positive support from everyone, offering their condolences, sharing their memories with us and sending along their best wishes.
The vast majority of you have also expressed, along with your deep respect for Kenny, that you want to hear the songs again, to keep that legacy and those memories alive.
We agree with you…
You have always been honest and loyal to this band and all its members.
Please understand that this transition will be as challenging for us as anyone.
We hope that you will come out and share some memories with us and perhaps make some new ones to hold on to as well.
We look forward to seeing you all in the New Year, to share with you the music that defined our lives and celebrate the legacy that those songs created.
Our very best to each and every one of you.
Love and respect always,
Daryl, Spider & Jeff

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One year ago we said goodbye to Kenny Shields, our friend, bandmate and frontman for 40 years.
The end of an era.
We went through a helluva lot of life together
Good times, bad times, memorable times.
In his prime, Kenny was as good as anyone on the planet at what he did an a legion of loyal fans across the years would give credence to that claim.
Kenny’s unique voice helped give Streetheart it’s own identity, it’s own sound.
His ability to work an audience was a thing of legend and he was a big influence on a number of other singers not only vocally but also, on how they approached their business of fronting a band.
Kenny was a one of a kind talent and we were all fortunate to have had him in our lives.
It’s been a profound year…
We thank all of those who have shown us so much support during the last 365 days.
Thank you for all the kindness and love you have extended towards Kenny and his family throughout this time.
We also want to acknowledge everyone in the media and at radio for always treating us with respect and dignity.
You have all displayed a level of class and compassion that we are most grateful for.
Speaking of gratitude, we are very lucky to have such great fans who have stayed right here with us.
We know how much Kenny meant to you as he did to us.
We hope that you will always celebrate the memory and legacy of Kenny with joy and remember all those good times that we shared.
Here’s to life.
Live it well and live it fully friends.
We know that Kenny would want you to do just that.

Hey Everyone.

We’d  like to let you know that we have a small number of Streetheart’s “40” Vols. I&II vinyl LP’s remaining in stock. This was a limited edition run of 1000 copies of each and we are down to the last remaining copies so if you would like to own a set yourself, don’t hesitate to go to our online webstore and order yours.

We have had a lot of requests about Streetheart’s Live After Dark double live album. We are currently in discussions about that and, it being the 35th anniversary of that release this year,  we hope to have some good news on that to share with you soon.

We hope 2018 is going well for each and everyone one of you. We will keep you posted with any new news that we have for you as we move forward. Wishing everyone the very best and our thanks for all the suppport that has been shown for Streetheart over the recent months. It has been most gratefully appreciated.

As 2017 comes to a close, so have we reached the final farewell for Kenny Shields and Streetheart.
This was to have been a special, year long celebration of shows to mark the 40 year legacy of Streetheart and to say thank you to all our fans for 15 wonderful years as Kenny Shields and Streetheart/The Official Site but sadly, those plans were cut short in July with the tragic passing of our dear friend and bandmate, Kenny Shields.
We thank you all from the bottom our hearts for all the love and support you have shown for Kenny, his family and for all of us over the year. The tribute show for Kenny in August was a testament to the appreciation that fans and fellow musicians alike had for him. Fittingly, Kenny received a number of posthumous awards for his lifetime of achievements as the music industry and country paid its respects, acknowledging one of the finest frontmen and vocalists of our generation.
We know that we speak for everyone when we say he will always be missed and, he will never be forgotten…
We owe a huge debt of gratitude to all the men and women at classic rock radio across Canada for keeping the music of Streetheart alive on the airwaves and a shout out to the members of the press, in print, online and on the air for continually representing us with class.
We must also extend kudos to all the promoters/venues across the country for bringing us back year after year and of course to all the hard working crews for getting those shows ready to go every time, on time.
Finally, to all of our amazing fans from coast to coast, our sincere gratitude for singing along with us, dancing in the aisles and hanging in there beside us, right to the very end.
We wish each and every one of you and your families a Happy New Year.
May peace, good health and prosperity knock on your door and bring joy into your homes.
It has been a great privilege and honour to have enjoyed so many memorable nights with you.
Bless you all.
Bless you Kenny.
RIP dear friend.

Happy BD Kenny
You will always be missed.
You will never be forgotten.
RIP dear friend.
Our sincere thanks to every one of you who have reached out to us today sending along your best thoughts and wishes along with posting your personal memories and tributes to Kenny.
You are all in our hearts.

We would like to thank everyone at the Saskatoon Musicians’ Association Local 553 for honouring Kenny Shields as part of their Gala Showcase this year. Kenny’s wife Elena and Jeff Neill have been invited to take part in the presentation of The Kenny Shields Special Recognition Award for distinguished service to the professional arts on Thursday, October 5th.
Kudos to everyone @ Local 553 and a special thanks to Warren Rutherford for all his help in arranging for us to be a part in this special evening. You have shown class and respect in formally acknowledging one of Saskatchewan’s most enduring artists and we are most grateful to be a part of this event.
“The Saskatoon Musicians’ Association is proud to announce the formal dedication of our annual Local 553 Special Recognition Award for distinguished service to the professional arts, in honour of Kenny Shields, as part of our Gala Showcase 2017 show being held Thursday, October 5th. at The Bassment in Saskatoon. (202 4th Ave. N. ). Kenny joined the Saskatoon Musicians’ Association in 1971, and was an active member of Local 553 of the American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada through the year 2009.”