Shake The Lake Regina August 13 2021

Get The Show On The Road…
We cannot begin to say how grateful we are to all of our friends and fans in Regina SK and all those who travelled many miles to rock Shake The Lake Regina at the Conexus Arts Centre this past weekend.
Thank you for the wonderful reminder of why we do what we do and, because of you all still get to do…
It’s difficult to put into words just how much this means to us. To see so many familiar faces of long time dear friends was the finest reward for what has been a long test of patience and faith for us all.
Kudos to Neil Donnelly and his team for an outstanding event, one we hope to come back to again soon.
So great to see so many of our musical colleagues over the last two days, the gratitude backstage and throughout the venue was palpable.
Thank you Regina for singing, cheering and making these lifetime R&R warriors feel so welcome.
A huge shout out to Tom Cochrane, Five Man Electrical Band, Toronto Band, Honeymoon Suite and The Headpins for their performances, all adding up to an unforgettable weekend of music.
We have always had a great appreciation for how lucky we are and last night, you all raised that bar for us.
Ok, Saskatoon SK… you’re next.
Photo courtesy of Terry Schneider.