Streetheart 2019. Life. Legacy. Music.

Streetheart 2019.
Life. Legacy. Music.
We are pleased to announce that Winnipeg’s Paul McNair will be joining Streetheart as lead vocalist in 2019.
Finding a singer was a very daunting task for us as you simply don’t “replace” a voice as iconic as Kenny’s.
Paul as many of you would remember, sang with Streetheart at the Winnipeg Classic RockFest back in 2017 and he impressed us with his knowledge, his confidence and his respect for the difficult role that he was charged with taking on that night.
Paul stepped up big time, so much so that Streetheart founding members Paul Dean and Matthew Frenette, who flew in with Mike Reno to pay tribute to Kenny that night, gave their full endorsement to Paul after he performed a powerful version of Action with them.
Paul’s knowledge of our catalogue, our history and his sheer ability made him the unanimous choice.
Paul grew up a Winnipeg MB kid, he’s a dynamic part of the local music scene and as many of you across Canada know, Paul was also the bassist and backing vocalist with Winnipeg’s Harlequin The Band.
We believe that with Paul singing for Streetheart we will be able to create a new chapter in the story of this band, one that we hope to share with our fans for many years.
We hope that you will welcome Paul McNair and show him all the respect that he has shown to the band as we celebrate the Life, Legacy and Music of Streetheart next year.
See you all soon,
Daryl, Spider & Jeff