Streetheart 2019. Life. Legacy. Music.

Streetheart 2019.
Life. Legacy. Music.
Today we are officially announcing that Streetheart’s Daryl Gutheil, Ken “Spider” Sinnaeve and Jeff Neill will be playing a select number of shows in 2019 to celebrate the legacy of Streetheart and honour the memory of the late, great Kenny Shields.
In the coming weeks we will also be announcing who will be joining the band for these shows.
As you all know, we lost Kenny back in July of 2017.
The last two summers have presented us all with a unique set of challenges.
We have had to process not only the deep personal loss of a dear friend but also, the opportunity to play our music.
Music that defined each of our lives and our paths.
And as we have learned over the past year, music that has also had a deep impact on the lives of many of you as well.
Over the last 15 months we have received so much positive support from everyone, offering their condolences, sharing their memories with us and sending along their best wishes.
The vast majority of you have also expressed, along with your deep respect for Kenny, that you want to hear the songs again, to keep that legacy and those memories alive.
We agree with you…
You have always been honest and loyal to this band and all its members.
Please understand that this transition will be as challenging for us as anyone.
We hope that you will come out and share some memories with us and perhaps make some new ones to hold on to as well.
We look forward to seeing you all in the New Year, to share with you the music that defined our lives and celebrate the legacy that those songs created.
Our very best to each and every one of you.
Love and respect always,
Daryl, Spider & Jeff