Streetheart The Burton Cummings Theatre August 27 2021

Get The Show On The Road…
Winnipeg MB.
Our sincere thanks to all our incredible friends and fans who sang and danced late into the night as part of the Burt Block Party Featuring: Streetheart, Honeymoon Suite and Guests. We cannot begin to tell you how much seeing you all again meant to us.
Kudos to Kevin Donnelly and all his staff from The True North Sports & Entertainment Ltd for a top notch event that, in spite of some unseasonal weather that presented its own logistical challenges, went off without a hitch and everyone enjoyed a most memorable night.
To be back playing in Winnipeg again after 18 months made for a powerful experience for all of us in Streetheart and it will certainly be considered a highlight of the year in our homes.
We know that we still have a long way to go but last night was a glimpse of good things to come and to see so many smiling faces in the packed house was great medicine for the soul…
We want to thank all the Burt production and stage team who ran a seamless event and of course a huge shout out to Pete Petrovich for sonically taming this grand old theatre.
Our thanks also to the legendary Howard Mandshein who brought us on; to see him back out there working his magic was a sure sign of the return to great R&R days and good times ahead for us all.
Kudos to all the bands on the bill The Sorels, The Headpins and Honeymoon Suite for being part of a great end of summer bash.
We hope to see you all again in the fall… more
 details to come on that soon!
All our best, stay safe, keep faith.
Photo courtesy of Karen Barg.