What Kind Of Love Is This… on 680 CJOB

What Kind Of Love Is This…

Our sincere thanks to the always gracious, always classy, Kathy K K Kennedy and everyone at 680 CJOB for a fantastic afternoon last Friday.
Daryl Gutheil, Paul McNair and Jeff Neill had a wonderful visit catching up on all things Streetheart including the new Life. Legacy. Music album, sang a couple of classic Streetheart songs and even pulled off an impromptu version of The Beatles’ Norweigian Wood!

We thought we’d post this link to WKOLIT for anyone who might have missed the show and kudos to K K for capuring this one and Look In You Eyes, which we will post a bit later.

We also want to say thank you to everyone for all the words of support throughout K K’s live thread, it means the world to us, thank you all.
Glad some of you (Cory Churko!) even noticed the awesome R&R swag Jeff was sporting for such an auspicious occasion! 🤟
Thank you again Kathy and everyone at 680 CJOB.
Let’s do it again soon! ❤️
Have a great  weekend everyone!